Best Low Light Plants for Your Office

So your office needs a bit of green, but doesn’t get a lot of light. Do you just go with faux plants? No!

While all plants need some source of light, different types of plants have different light requirements. In fact, some plants prefer less light than others. Here’s a list of our favorite low light plants and their care needs.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia – ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia - ZZ plant

Native to east Africa, these plants are notoriously easy to care for and can tolerate lower lighting conditions. Because they can survive in less light, they also don’t need to be watered as much as other plants! ZZ plants are also slow to grow and can stay in one pot for a while, which reduces the need to repot it. These are beautiful and sleek plants with gorgeous, waxy leaves, so if that’s the vibe you’re looking for, this is the plant for you and your office. This plant is like your cool aunt.


Sansevieria plant

Also known as the snake plant, sansevierias are another classic and easy-t0-maintain office plant staple. There are several types of sansevieria—cylindrica, zeylanica, and laurentii just to name a few! They can be tall and wide enough to take up space in a window, or short enough to sit on a desk. These are adaptable plants, and while they can tolerate very bright light, they will still look stunning in lower light. Like the ZZ plant, they don’t need much watering! If this plant could, it would have its checkbook balanced and have every minute of the day scheduled for maximum productivity.


Jade Pothos

Now for something completely different—a trailing plant! There are also many types of pothos, but the non-variegated pothos will do the best with less light. Why? When a leaf is white, it has less chlorophyll, meaning it is harder to perform photosynthesis. A plant with a lot of light will produce more variegation. But back to the pothos… Pothos can trail up a wall, can hang down a shelf, or be cut shorter! It can tolerate less frequent watering as well. The magic of the pothos is that it can adapt to different areas of your office and doesn’t mind some changes in its care. Think of the pothos as your go-with-the-flow friend who has the best vinyl collection.

Aglaonema – Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema MaryAnn

Looking for a plant with some pink? Maybe some splashes of white or different shades of green? The Aglaonema has something for everyone! Their leaves will burn if they are in direct sun for too long, so this is a perfect companion for shady offices. The Aglaonema can be your statement plant or can pair well with other plants on this list! And fun fact, this plant does well with artificial lighting too. You will not regret adding the Aglaonema to your office. This is the mom friend plant. Need a granola bar or Advil? She’s got you covered.

Dracaena – Mass Cane

Mass cane

Okay, we’ve got another plant with many, many varieties, but we are going to focus on the Dracaena fragrans, or Mass Cane, specifically. This is probably the tallest plant on our list, so if you’re looking for a big plant with minimum care needs, meet your new friend. The Mass Cane plant produces big leaves with a yellowish stripe down the middle and has a big, beautiful, and sturdy trunk. Maintaining this plant is rather easy and if a leaf is on its way out, it can simply be pulled down, allowing for a clean removal. We love these plants in executive offices but the Mass Cane luckily does not have a huge ego and will be happy wherever it is placed.


Which low light office plant did you like the best? Still need some guidance or don’t see a certain plant on this list? Contact us and we will find the perfect plant for your office! We think every office needs a plant and we will find the perfect plant for any environment. You better be-leaf it!