Personalized Attention and Design


Your space deserves a personal touch, and each of our projects begins with a consultation in your space. A Khloros plant consultant will evaluate your space, based on several design factors, including climate and lighting as well as furniture, textures, and colors currently on site. Using these details, our designer will make recommendations for the best plants for your space and your budget.

Khloros will install the plants and containers. Once installed our trained horticultural technicians will provide maintenance. 

In order to maintain the highest quality customer service, the Khloros team has a short line of hierarchy. Your technician reports concerns directly to executive level management who has the ability to make and execute any decisions in the best interest of the plants, environment, and people on your site. Most issues, when they do arise, are able to be resolved within 24 hours.

Since Khloros works on interior landscaping projects year-round, we understand that some installations need to have staying power, while others will be rotated out relatively quickly. We maintain adequate staffing levels to finish our projects on deadline, including in the holiday rush. With an influx of installation in a short time, we are proud that our holiday employees are happy to return to work with us year after year. As we grow we are always adding fresh team members, and all crews are supervised by holiday installation experts who have years of experience.