Happy National Indoor Plant Week!

Happy National Indoor Plant Week!

We all love plants, but how many of you knew there was a whole week dedicated to celebrating indoor plants? The third week of September is known as National Indoor Plant Week, which emphasizes the benefits of indoor plants and brings awareness to their importance. But how does one celebrate the benefits of indoor plants? Where do you even begin your journey to become a proud plant parent?  

Benefits of Indoor Plants

As much as we like to say we care for our plants, they also do tremendous work to care for their owners. There has been mention of a correlation between mental health and plants, but how do plants affect mental health? They have been proven to improve mental health, especially in hospital spaces, by increasing healing while simultaneously reducing the risk of illness. If you need something to get you out of a mental rut but getting another dog is too much work, opt for a cute little succulent.  

A succulent arrangement in a planter on top of a table

Another benefit of indoor plants includes improving the air quality in a space. If you work at an office, you definitely want to consider renting some plants. Office plant benefits include increasing productivity, creativity, and reducing noise. Plants are literally miracle workers. But plants do not only benefit corporate and medical spaces. These benefits are also benefits of houseplants. Plants in a home really tie the whole place together. They create a welcoming environment for you and your guests. National Indoor Plant Week is the perfect time to decorate your place with a few new plants, or you can also give some to a friend who needs a bit more green in their home.  

Celebrating Biophilia

What in the world is biophilia? Biophilia is the love of nature and life, and it is a feeling that is intrinsically tied to humans. We as humans love nature, and it seems to love us back with all the benefits they give us. Because of these benefits, many architects have begun including biophilic designs. Examples of biophilia include offices bringing in live trees into workspaces or including small plants or flowers in a hospital patient’s room. Some spaces even have an entire green wall. The goal of using a biophilic design is to connect people with these plants. Biophilia makes individuals happier, and those individuals are then able to connect with other people, creating a positive environment for everyone. 

A wall with several planters in an office lobby
Green walls can have a variety of looks.

How to Liven up Your Environment

You now know the benefits of indoor plants, what do you do now? We would suggest doing your own research to find what plants and biophilic designs are best suited for you and your needs. A moss wall always looks beautiful in a space. Hanging plants are also super cute. There are so many ways for you to introduce plants into your environment. Take a look at our catalog of plants if you are interested in learning what plants we have to offer and contact us for more information!