Holiday Decor

Khloros creates green holiday decorations for your office or lobby that will bring the spirit through out the holiday season. We have over 15 years experience in holiday decor. Our staff has built 20+ foot holiday trees, 12 foot wreathes, and installed elaborate displays just to name a few!  We will turn your environment into a festive, holiday inspired green landscape that everyone will enjoy looking at.  It is never too early to plan your holiday decorations, give us a call and we would love help design your holiday vision with top quality holiday decor and plants in your offices!

Khloros is not limited to the winter holiday time, no matter what time of year, Khloros will design and install a display for you. It can be to remind tenants of Earth Day, to bring Spring inside when Mother Nature has different plans outside, or create a pumpkin patch in the fall when all the leaves begin to change.

We offer a full range of office plants and flowers to create a stunning green environment for anytime you want to improve your space.  No matter how big or small of green holiday decorations you are looking for Khloros can help you out.

Please contact us to set up some time with our  design team to design and create your seasonal holiday display.