Plant Rentals 

Why Plant Rentals?.

So why should you get plant rentals?

It’s the easiest way to brighten up your office or commercial space! Your plant rentals can stay in your space as long as you want them to, so this is a perfect option if you are moving soon, staying in a space long-term., or even remodeling! Plant rentals require less investment up-front since planters and irrigation systems do not have to be purchased. Leasing also allows plants to be changed more frequently to suit your style.  


Plant Rentals

Plant Maintenance & Care

In addition to our large selection of available plants, Khloros provides top-notch service on all plant leases that does not stop at installation. Our dedicated technicians provide all maintenance needed to keep your office plants looking lush. If there is ever a concern with your green plants, we provide responsive customer service to resolve issues quickly and without hassle to you, our client. Most issues are resolved within 24 hours and on-site technicians are trained in preventative maintenance to detect problems before they arise. Prioritizing excellent plant maintenance and care saves our customers money and helps to promote sustainability. Keeping our plant maintenance running like a well-oiled machine reduces the frequency with which plants need to be replaced, which is good for both the environment and our clients’ bottom lines. .

Working with Budgets

No matter the size of your office or commercial space, adding a natural element may seem out of your budget. Plant leases are one way to make interior landscaping more affordable. Whether it is several large potted tropical plants, orchids, succulents or smaller green plants to warm up your space, Khloros uses our bulk-buying discounts to pass the savings on to our customers. We believe that plants make people happy and we will work with you to reach your plant goals. For newer businesses or those who may be moving relatively soon, plant rentals are a cost-efficient way to bring the benefits of plants into your commercial space. They require less investment up-front, since planters and irrigation systems do not have to be purchased, and leasing also allows plants to change more frequently. Many start-ups and growing businesses choose to use plant rentals as a way to keep their offices looking fresh while taking advantage of the lower initial costs plant leasing provides without needing to factor office relocation into the equation. If you’re ready to start leasing plants or would like to know more, contact us to get a free quote!