Benefits of office plants

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While many people are aware that office plants can transform a space from sterile to stunning, there are significant wellness benefits to interior landscaping as well. Biophilia, or the affinity humans have for other life forms, such as plants, is the driving force in any Khloros design. Channeling this connection with nature into your space provides advantages to your employees and customers alike, which can reward your business.

Productivity and Creativity

According to the The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace report, office workers who are exposed to nature features, such as plants, reported creativity levels that were 15 percent higher than those who were in offices without natural elements. One study reviewed in the report found a 15 percent spike in productivity over a three-month period when workers were in offices with living green plants.

Healthy Spaces


There are positive environmental and effects as well. Biophilic design, as the New York Times notes, especially made a difference in buildings with higher levels of carbon monoxide, which can harm both morale and employee output. However, when there is interior landscaping featuring office plants, workers have better air quality, better concentration, and astonishingly, take fewer sick days. Studies have also found health benefits for hospital patients, resulting in shorter stays and less medication needed to manage pain.

We Believe in Green

Using plants to provide a healthier environment clearly has positive effects on employees and customers alike that can further your business’ progress while simultaneously improving the look of your office. Khloros is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, and our focus on biophilic design will help you take advantage of all of the environmental and health benefits office plants can provide. Contact us to explore the different ways interior landscaping and biophilic design can improve your business. We would love to help bring nature into your space.