Interior Landscaping


Personalized Interior Landscaping

Your space deserves a personalized touch, and each of our interior landscaping projects begins with a consultation in your space. A Khloros plant consultant will evaluate your space based on several design factors including climate, lighting, furniture, textures, and colors currently on site. Using these details, our designer will make recommendations for the best plants for your space and your budget. Our designer will also work with your plant preferences if you have any.

Our team will install the plants and any containers you have rented or purchased and then begin regular maintenance. Our plant technicians typically visit every 2 weeks to maintain the plants. If you own your own plants, Khloros can also come in and take care plants that you own! Our trained technicians specialize in preventative care for plants but if an issue arises, they are solved in a timely manner.

Plant Rentals

So why should you get plant rentals? Our plant rentals and maintenance it’s the easiest way to brighten up your office.


Green Walls

 These vertical gardens are a visually dramatic and unique way to incorporate plants into an office


Plant Catalog

The plant catalog is here to help provide a visual of the options available

Adding Living Biophilic Design Elements

Biophilia, or humanity’s innate desire to be connected with living things, is what drives us every day. Plants are not just decorative pieces. To us, they are important for everyone’s mental and physical health. Every Khloros employee loves plants and is passionate about this symbiotic relationship between humans and plants. You can expect lots of dedication from our team to keep your plants in the best shape so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Additional Services

Many of our interior landscaping clients also choose to utilize our additional services. We offer floral programs, living décor, green walls, moss walls, and commercial holiday décor. Floral programs are one of our most popular services, and your space is replenished with fresh flowers weekly. We love putting flower arrangements in entry points so you can greet your guests with a splash of color. Living décor can include orchids, bromeliads, and other biophilic elements such as wood and preserved moss in arrangements that last longer than one week. These are replenished every few weeks to ensure the art always looks fresh. Green walls are always a hit and low maintenance as the irrigation systems are built in the wall. These walls can be permanent or temporary and are perfect for gathering spots in your space. Finally, our commercial holiday décor is a huge aspect of our business, and we install everything from 50′ Christmas trees to small seasonal arrangements. Whatever you’re looking for, Khloros can help. We are interior landscaping experts with a passion for biophilic design. Contact us for a free quote and we will help you get started!