Exterior Landscaping

Did you know ?

When people have views of nature at work it can increase happiness and productivity.

Let Khloros help bring these benefits to your outdoor spaces with our exterior landscaping services. Our talents are not just with bringing beauty to interior spaces, but exterior as well! You will receive seasonal installations every few months with décor and plants that will thrive in the Chicago climate.


Why choose Khloros ?

When you choose Khloros as your exterior landscaping partner, you benefit from our vast experience, expertise, attention to detail, and our customer service. Khloros will take care of every aspect of the project, from concept to installation and ongoing maintenance. Our maintenance guarantee also applies to our exterior landscaping installations so you can rest assured that your plants will always look their best.

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Office landscaping

Welcome your guests and delight passersby with beautiful exterior landscaping. Let us bring the beauty and benefits of nature to your patios, entryways, outdoor planters, and anywhere else you need exterior plants! .