Be Green

As you go through the design process, one aspect many of our clients consider is the impact their interior landscaping will have on their carbon footprint. Khloros believes that creating sustainable office plants and greenwalls is worthwhile, and we operate our business with sustainability as a priority in both our design and our training.

How We Can Help

There are many different tactics we use to reduce our carbon footprint from design conception to installation and maintenance. In an effort to reduce consumption, your interiorscape could be designed with plants such as succulents, which require less frequent watering. The use of certain mulches can also cut down on water consumption. In place of cut arrangements, living décor can be substituted, which can be changed with less frequency.

In addition to sustainable design, properly maintaining our clients’ plants creates further reductions in our carbon footprint. By hand-watering installations and meticulously maintaining your office plants, Khloros keeps plants healthy, reducing the frequency with which your living décor needs to be replaced.

Out and Within

Khloros also practices what we preach through in-house operational practices that promote sustainability. We recycle, make efforts to reuse materials where possible and prioritize relationships with vendors who share our focus on reducing our carbon footprint. We have Green Plants for Green Buildings certified trainers on our team in an effort to stay on top of the most environmentally friendly operating procedures being used in the industry. This allows us to provide a level of service not found in all interior landscaping businesses, and we strive towards producing excellent work as sustainably as possible.  

Our Commitment

Khloros is committed to furthering our clients’ sustainability and corporate responsibility goals through our work, and we partner with organizations to assist clients in meeting these benchmarks. If you are interested in ways to reduce your carbon footprint while bringing natural beauty into your commercial space, please contact us.